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Should you invest in weapon developments or not? Well, there's no real hard and fast answer to that. Most players shun them, while others like to roll a die here and there, therefore limiting their losses in the course of a single game and drawing eventually the odds in their favor after several games; finally some players hate them so much that they won't start a game without requesting a mutual agreement not to use them. But gambling all your revenues on a large handfull of rolls is not a viable option, and this should be considered only in a desperate case. In my opinion, the best time to play for tech rolls is when your opponent has placed you in a situation of a war of attrition in which you have a very limited chance of getting the upper hand; in that case, betting 1 or 2 rolls each turn while you still can afford it might give you the break you need to reverse the situation. In short, weapon developments should be considered with a nothing-to-lose attitude in general. But, the biggest consideration to take in mind is to make sure whether any given development can be exploited: even heavy bombers can prove pretty useless if you can't afford to buy bombers anymore...

Jet power

Me 262This one is useful only in a defensive situation; capturing a heavily defended enemy capital which happens to have 3 jet fighters or more in it might prove very frustrating for your opponent. This technology also gives your aircraft carriers near perfect invulnerability.
Both Germany and the Soviet Union will find this one really helpful, and it won't matter very much whether they or their allies have it. Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom will find it useful as it will allow them to help their partner's defense.


Fusée V-2Not a big advantage, but this one has the merit to be usable in every circumstances, as all countries start the game with at least one anti-aircraft gun. It allows you to take risk-free potshots at your enemy's economy, which means in the long run your opponents losses will probably recoup your initial investment at the least.
The americans will have to convoy an anti-aircraft to Europe in order to use this technology, but aside from that little inconvenient, no country will have a problem using it.

Super submarines

U-30The ultimate booby prize. All the problems related to regular submarines apply to super subs as well. In my opinion, super submarines development is almost worse than no development at all; at least with no development you will still have the odds in your favor for the next roll...
The only countries that have a remote chance of making some use of it are Japan and America. The Atlantic is just too small and too laden with planes to have a chance to become the theater of submarine warfare.

Long range aircraft

B-29 SuperfortressThis one can be either worthless or priceless, depending on the circumstances, and the size of your air force. It won't give you any economic advantage, and will not add sheer power per se, but will confer you a great strategic edge by helping you in a myriad little ways, giving your air force more flexibility in both attack and defense, and thus making life much more complicated for your opponent, especially in the way he will have to provide for cover for both his land and sea units.
This one will be especially helpful for Japan and the United States. Germany will also benefit from this one as it will put its air force within range of the american east coast. The United Kingdom will also like it, but the advantage to Russia will be minimal.

Industrial technology

"Rosie the Riveter"A really big bonus for your economy, to say the least. Industrial technology is one of the two developments that have the potential to win the game for you. Guaranteed to pay off your investment (right on the first turn in most cases), this tech will boost your economy as much as if you've just captured an enemy capital, giving you the capability of breeding infantry like rabbits, meaning your opponent will succumb under sheer weight of numbers in a short amount of time.
Germany and the Soviet Union will dream about this one, as they mainly conduct land wars. All others will also benefit to a lesser extent.

Heavy bombers

A-BombThe BIG one. This one needs no presentation, and merely obtaining it is sometimes enough to discourage an opponent and force an immediate surrender. Buying 1 bomber and bombing 3 dice every turn will turn your opponent penniless in no time; and this is without considering the beating that his fleet will have to take... heavy bombers is the tech that makes gambling away your hard-earned certificates worth the risk; it is also the one responsible for having driven some players into requesting for no-tech agreements...
The russians are not great consumers of bombers as a rule, but they could change their habits if need be. Anyone will take heavy bombers, any given day.

In conclusion

Germany and America are the ones most likely to go for weapon development in the beginning, but the emphasis will shift on the japanese as they become more powerful. England could or could not roll according to their economy, and the Soviet Union will generally avoid it.

Heinz Guderian

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