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This site is about Axis and Allies, a Milton-Bradley Gamemaster series boardgame recreating World War II's situation during late spring 1942. Here you'll find an introduction on unit types and the best way to use them, advice on basic strategies for each country as well as the combined forces, and plus other fun stuff to boot.

Axis & Allies
The Time: Spring 1942
The Place: The World at War
The Challenge: Mobilize your country, command your forces and attack the enemy on land, sea and air.
So sit back, get the dice and find out how to gain “the perseverance of a Montgomery, the elusiveness of a Rommel, the courage of a Patton, the daring of a Yamamoto and the steadfastness of a Zhukov”.


Expert players won't find much of interest here. I don't claim to be an expert myself. This is a ressource for beginning players: you won't learn how to be invincible but at least you'll be able to put up a fight. Note that everything here applies to the 2nd edition, with bidding rules.
The basics: the abc of A&A. Things to do, things not to do. Also a guide to experts jargon.
The troops: the strength and weaknesses of each units, and how to use them.
Weapon developments: a guide to the techs: the good ones, and the bad.
Allied strategies: the most common overall strategies for the Allies.
Axis' strategies: same thing, but for the Axis; also a guide to bidding rules.

The log to end all logs

This is a timeline of World War II in the form of a game log, covering the period beginning in the early summer of 1942 to the end of the war. Assuming a game turn per season, the log is 14 turns long and reflects how the historical World War II would have looked like had it been an Axis and Allies game; or at least, how I think it would have looked like. Their overall strategy might look bizarre at first glance, but keep in mind that it was their rookie game after all... and also they were playing an expanded set of rules, so to speak. The log is now available in .aam format, for use with the MapView game utility.


A list of online playing clubs, plus a collection of links to Axis & Allies sites, with descriptions. Also some sites about World War II, games and others.


My Yahoo! club, which I use for file storage. You'll find the 2nd edition rules, both in english and french, as well as maps (you will have to get a Yahoo! account)

The maps are now available on Flickr, as well as the wacky maps 

Find A&A Battle Calculator here, a combat simulator for Mac OS X.

George S. Patton

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