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Henry Crerar
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Avalon Hill/Wizards Of The Coast
The company that makes Axis & Allies.

Technical support for the CD-Rom.

Yahoo! Groups

Harris Game Design
Message Board of Larry Harris, creator of Axis & Allies


Ju87 StukaInternational Axis & Allies Players Association
The original A&A Online Club. You can play by e-mail (pbem), live in a chat-room, or by CD-Rom. It supports one database for 2nd edition rules with plans for a second for 4th edition; it has its own auto-dice roller. The club has member fees of 1$ a month. They make great effort in checking the accuracies of members ID and their game results, making their rankings more reliable. Message board

Axis & Allies Members Club
A club for play by e-mail, chat play or CD-Rom, paid for by contribution drives. It supports 4 databases: 2nd edition, 4th edition, a Low-tech variant and Open Rules, as well as an A&A Europe League. It has an auto-dice roller (Dicey). Membership is free. I'm a member under the dogtag SilexMT. They use their message board as the home page.

Axis & Allies World Club
Apparently the result of a merger between Spring 1942 and Balance-of-Power. They have 7 databases: 5 for 3rd edition, one for 2nd edition and one for Open Rules. Membership is free. Message board

W.A.R. Axis & Allies Club
A club for CD-Rom play. It was born out of a split from Spring, supported by donations and some publicity. There are five different databases: one for team-play (platoons) and the other four I haven't been able to ascertain the differences. Membership is free, but is by invitation only. They recently added pbem support for both A&A and A&A Europe. Message board

Deutscher Axis & Allies Klub
DEUTSCH - A club for pbem and CD-Rom, and the only multi-lingual one (german, english and italian). They have 3 databases: 2nd edition rules, Cd-ROM, and 4th Edition. They use their own version of the Dicey auto dice roller. Membership is free. Message board

Flames of Europe
An informal club for pbem Axis & Allies in all variants. There is no ranking system or databases, but they hold tournaments. Membership is free. Their message board is the homepage.

Axis & Allies Club Danmark
DANSK - A club in danish; I believe it supports 2nd and 4th edition. I don't know if there are fees. Features a great collection of hand-painted game pieces (click "Billeder") Forum

Triple Threat Clan
A clan for RTS Axis & Allies (not to be confused wih the board game). Strategies, downloads and more.


MotCreations' Mapview
A shareware map utility for A&A, A&AE, A&AP, and more. For Windows 95 and up. Message board

Triple A
A project of a Java-based alternative to the CD-ROM, for Windows, Linux and OS X (10.4 and +). Still in beta stage, it is open-sourced so you can contribute to it, if you are a programmer.

On-line battle simulator and odds calculator. The only one I know that supports Low Luck rules.

A battle simulator and odds calculator for MacOS Classic (7.5 to 9.2). Also supports the World at War expansion rules.

Phillip Hall's Odds Calculator
A battle simulator for Windows. Also home of the world famous Hall maps with those horrible acronyms.

Chris McDermott's utilities
A dice roller that can be used in a chat room, and McD board, the original DOS-based map utility.

Elbowmaster's Axis & Allies accessory page
Custom boards and pieces that can be ordered; in A&A, A&AE, A&AP and WAW versions.


Don's Axis & Allies WarRoom
A series of five expanding essays on strategy, ranging from beginner to expert advice.

Axis &
David Jensen's A&A archive under a new address. Lots of strats, house rules and various other stuff, especially for A&A Miniatures.

Morrison Games Axis & Allies Strategy
Articles covering strategies for 2nd edition, as well as articles and videos in Windows Media for the 4rd edition (A&AR), which he keeps calling 3rd edition.

R.D. Baker's Alternative Rules
Artillery, advanced air combat, non-random weapon developments, historical and political rules. Not only they are very exhaustive, they are arranged in such a way that you can introduce them one part at the time or take them as a whole. It also features a gameplay timeline which was my original inspiration behind the log to end all logs. He also made a book, available on

Dr. Shade's Global Crisis
Alternative rules for A&A: task forces, logistics, spying, international diplomacy are but a few of the numerous caracteristics. More than an expansion, it's a whole new game.

The Dark Allies of Axis & Allies
A&A players with an attitude. Opinions and political incorrectness about Hasbro Interactive, strategy sites, lamers in the Zone and various other subjects. Enter at your own risk. Whether those guys are as good as they claim to be is a good question.

Ralph Boerke's Axis & Allies tribute
Lots of useful stuff about strategy, expansion rules, the history of the game and a recreation of World War II on the gameplay. It is part of the Tacit Memnos Infinitum site, dealing with such games as Conquest of the Empire, Samurai Swords, and Risk. Avoid the framed version though.

P-51 Mustang

Bozorq's Axis & Allies / World War II journal
A truckload of articles on strategy, utilities, and a message board. An unusual feature of this site is a copy of Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Corey Fisher's Axis and Allies Home Page
The site contains 5 scenarios, including 3 for Iron Blitz, plus some strategies.

Plotted Axis & Allies
A set of rules for a blind variant of Axis and Allies, where players have to plot their moves in advance.

Axis and Allies with a Twist
A blind variant that mixes A&A with Battleship (you will need two copies of the game), with rules and strategies.

Peter Goudsward's Axis & Allies FAQ v. 1.4
The FAQ of the usenet newsgroup. Answers to various questions about the game, including rules clarifications, probabilities, and gaming events.

Alternative Rules for Axis & Allies
A set of house rules with a beer-and-pretzels attitude. Most notable are new weapon developments, ranging from the historically accurate to the off-the-wall (alien death rays??). Original.

HMS Hood

Axis & Allies Croatia
House rules, and summaries of some games.

Axis and Allies PBEM Page
Ends and odds about playing by e-mail. It also features two variants; one of them claims to recreate the setting of Orwell's 1984, but it's obvious to me he haven't read the book.

Command and Control
Some strategies. It also have a number of interesting color photos of planes and tanks apparently took from a war museum or historical society.

Aandaboy's Axis & Allies page
Also known as Josh's page. Contains strategies. Takes sadistic pleasure in wrecking your eyesight by forcing you to read red text on various non-contrasting coloured backgrounds.


KatyushaGrolier Interactive Online: World War II commemoration
A series of detailed essays covering all the major campaigns of World War II, plus biographies and other stuff. This site was my major reference in the making of the log to end all logs.

Nihon Kaigun
Everything you need to know about the Imperial Japanese Fleet during the War. Ships, officers, battles, with extensive descriptions and many photographs.

The Generals of World War II
A database of all the generals that served durind WWII, for all the countries involved
ITALIANO - Biographies and important battles, with a wealth of rare photographs

WW II posters collections

World War II Poster Collection from Northwestern University Library

Nazi Posters: 1933-1945

Canadian War Posters


Blogs, 3D, humour, web design...

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