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(12/02/06): The move is now completed. I entirely revised the log, and corrected numerous errors that got their way in; also, to save space I loaded the maps in my Yahoo! group

(05/02/06): New address.

(06/10/03): Version 3 of my site just released! No new stuff, but a new look. Hope you like it. I merged the links sections in one page; there has been a big clean-up on old A&A pages during the last year, especially those on Geocities.

(04/12/03): The CD-Rom dice cheat: many rumors has been circulating lately; what I've gathered from surfing the various forums is this: it's not a rumor, it really exists and it works; however, it's probably not a widely used as feared, and in fact the consensus is that the fear of it has made much more damage than the program itself, as suspicion is rampant. Also, many players are presently working on a anti-cheat patch, so stay tuned. My uninformed guess is that if if you play in the recognized CD clubs you have few chances of being a victim of it. Besides, this is just one more cheating method available amongst many others, so this is actually nothing new. Or as FDR once put it: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” (for the full details go to the Spring 42 and BoP forums).
On another subject, I've opened a Yahoo! club to store files. Feel free to add your own if you wish!

(04/29/02): Hasbro just re-released the CD in a bundle pack including Panzer General II, Army Men and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (the creator of Civilization). In all likeliness it's the same version than before (including the bugs). Note that the bundle pack A&A/Falcon 4 is not available anymore; neither is the french version.

(10/16/01): Infogrames has yet to release any word about any new version of the CD, and the word around is that there will never be a new A&A CD. Still, you can always send them an e-mail, you never know. Meanwhile, the community of players are starting to hack the source code apart in order to make a new patch, or so the rumor goes...
By the way, if you find an Axis and Allies CD 2 in the Chips & Bits database, ignore it.

(03/28/01): Last January, Hasbro sold their rights on the Hasbro Interactive, Microprose and Atari to a french company, Infogrames. Since that time they cease to produce the Axis and Allies CD-Rom, and it appears now that it's out of stock everywhere; Chips & Bits still have it, but only with the Axis and Allies / Falcon 4.0 bundle pack. Failing that you could try to get it second-hand; try on eBay.
Infogrammes has yet to release any information as to their intentions, but apparently Infogrames is considering a second cd-rom. But for that they need input from the consumers. So do your part and send them an e-mail; who cares if it's just a rumor.
Have a thought for me and remember to ask them for a mac version too, even if you don't have one yourself. Let's get together people.

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